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Protect Your Skull, LLC. is an awareness brand established in 2013 by former athletes Tracey Suggs and Foster Wilkins. The entire sports landscape and the rules of the game in football, hockey, basketball and other contact sports have changed in order to protect players from collisions that ultimately lead to traumatic brain injuries. Protect Your Skull is the world's first and only Concussion Awareness brand creating quality performance apparel for today's athlete. Become apart of our movement today as we continue to promote concussion and TBI awareness in all sports. Athletes today are bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before. Now the game has to be played safer and smarter in order to ensure that athletes have a better quality of life after the game. Our goal as a company is to heighten this awarness through our brand offerings

Protect Your Skull In Every Sport

The number of reported traumatic brain injuries (most notably concussions) is increasing every year and more research is being done to measure the impact of these injuries on an athlete's quality of life after the game. These brain injuries are not just happening in contact sports like football and hockey. Skateboarding, soccer, cycling, motor sports, sking, snowboarding, and other active sports are seeing the numbers of reported traumatic brain injuries increase as well. The Protect Your Skull brand promotes this awareness in every sport. 

Protect Your Skull: Quality of Life After The Game

After the sport. After the game. Your quality of life matters. Protect Your Skull! 

Our Founders

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