The game has evolved. Athletes today are bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before. Now the game has to be played safer and smarter in order to insure that athletes have a better quality of life after the game. Protect Your Skull.

It's your quality of life after the game that matters most.

Protect Your Skull: Our Mission


The game has evolved. The number of sports related traumatic brain injuries (or TBI), including concussions, continues to grow each year. These head injuries don't just happen in major contact sports like football. Athletes and active individuals of all ages who are participating in sports like basketball, cycling, skiing, rugby, soccer, motor sports, skateboarding, and baseball are all seeing the number of these injuries increase substantially each year. Our mission as a company is to bring a heightened level of awareness about sports related head injuries to today's athlete. The game of sports is now a game of performance, "grey matter", and awareness. Live life safer and smarter.


 PROTECT YOUR SKULL- The Game Has Evolved

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Facts on TBI:  According to information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


  • Each year, U.S. emergency departments (EDs) treat an estimated 173,285 sports- and recreation-related TBIs, including concussions, among children and adolescents, from birth to 19 years. 

  • During the last decade, ED visits for sports- and recreation-related TBIs, including concussions, among children and adolescents increased by 60%.

  • Overall, the activities associated with the greatest number of TBI-related ED visits included bicycling, football, playground activities, basketball, and soccer.

  • National surveillance in 9 high school sports:

    • TBI represents almost 9% of all injuries reported in the 9 sports

    • Numbers and rates are highest in football (55,007; 0.47 per 1000 athlete exposures) and girl’s soccer (29,167; 0.36 per 1000 athlete exposures)

  • A national survey of all sports- and recreation-related injuries among all ages demonstrates that 31% occurred in a sports facility and 20% in a school facility.


For more information on traumatic brain injuries relating to sports and the Heads Up Concussion in Sports Programs visit the CDC’s website at www.cdc.gov.


For more informaion on Heads Up Football visit the official USA Football website at www.usafootball.com






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