Foster Wilkins

A native of Whitakers, North Carolina. Wilkins is a 1992 graduate of Fayetteville State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Spring 2000, Mr. Wilkins earned his Master of Arts in Adult Education from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. Foster Wilkins is presently the CEO/Executive Director of Foster’s Care Facility in High Point, North Carolina. Mr. Wilkins founded the agency in 2003, which provides services to at-risk youths and individuals with developmentally delayed disabilities. Through the years, Wilkins has worked diligently in the surrounding triad communities of North Carolina by restoring the solid moral character development among families.

During his years at Fayetteville State University, Wilkins played football serving as Defensive End and Outside Backer. The Fayetteville State University Athletic Department acknowledged Wilkin’s achievements for playing on the 1989 All-Rookie Team, 1990 Defensive Player of the Year, 1991 Most Valuable Player, 1992 All-CIAA Second Team Conference Player, and the 1992 & 1993 Most Outstanding Line Backer. Within the 4-years of playing collegiate football, Wilkins had 37 career quarterback sacks, 198 unassisted tackles, and 102 assisted tackles; two interceptions and four fumble recoveries. After playing collegiate football, Wilkins played Minor League Football in 1994 with the Charlotte Blast, helping the team succeed in the National Minor League Championship, where he was the second leading tackler, ending the season with 149 tackles. Wilkins’ success as an athlete and devoted alumni earned his 2007 induction into the Fayetteville State Football Hall of Fame. Afterward, Wilkins served as the Defensive End Coach for Livingstone College from 2011-2013. Wilkins’ coaching role allowed him to experience the game from an alternative perspective with the mindset of ensuring players are safe and healthy.

Wilkins has a true passion for the sport of football but recognizes the value of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a football player and coach, Wilkins understood the long-term effects of not playing Safer & Smarter. Through several years of playing football, Wilkins experienced concussions and minor injuries that led to the concept of providing athletes with the knowledge to play sports with their health as the leading factor. As a collegiate football coach, Wilkins was highly impacted to become an advocate for an athlete’s health when he encountered his own players suffering from serious injuries and concussions; he knew that in order to pursue a successful athletic career, a person’s health will have to be the top priority. After coaching, Wilkins cultivated a philosophy of sustaining a healthy lifestyle to increase the quality and longevity of life. Among the Fayetteville State University’s community, he is known as an avid donor to the athletic program to ensure current players have access to safe and efficient equipment. Wilkins’ experiences inspired the collaboration with Co-Founder Tracey Suggs to create a brand that promotes the overall well-being of athletes. Wilkins is instrumental in connecting the brand with local high schools and colleges to ensure players are proactively thinking about Life After the Game.