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Tracey  Suggs

Protect Your Skull, LLC Creative Director and co–founder Tracey Suggs currently lives in Charlotte, NC with his beautiful wife of 20 years and their 3 beautiful children. He is creatively and passionately turning the focus of the sports, performance, lifestyle, and culture to where it should be; the safety and quality of life of the next generation of athlete. Promoting concussion awareness and safety in all sports to the next generation of athletes through his work with universities, youth sports camps, sports leagues, and organizations across the country is a primary focus. Protect Your Skull, LLC is the world’s first concussion awareness, performance, and lifestyle brand.

Suggs played football as a defensive back for Fayetteville State University of the CIAA Conference. It was there while playing for the FSU Broncos that he formed a brotherhood with co-founder of Protect Your Skull, LLC Foster Wilkins. Suggs noticed that the conversation in football started to change with the first information that was received concerning the concussion lawsuits between the NFL and it's former players. He noticed a void in sports and knew that there needed to be a brand that was totally committed to promoting concussion awareness and safety in all sports and everyday life. Suggs's passion to make playing all sports safer for athletes through awareness is what inspired him to create the Protect Your Skull brand with Foser Wilkins. Suggs is fully committed to making the Protect Your Skull brand the leading concussion awareness, performance, and lifestyle brand in the world by redefining what it means to truly win the game as a sports culture through safety. He believes that winning now has to incorporate playing the game safer and smarter through a higher level of awareness both mentally and physically. It’s the quality of life culture that PYS is pioneering. The game has evolved. Quality of life after the game matters most. Suggs is committed to creating a quality of life culture beginning with the next generation youth athletes and leaders. He believes that by using his power to empower the youth to achieve greatness in life that the world becomes a better place for the future.

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